Sunday, May 13, 2012

I am going to Scout Camp for the first time EVER.....

I am going to Scout Camp for the first time ever.  The Varsity Scouts picked a High Adventure time where I am not able to go due to work (for the 3rd year in a row).  So the old Assistant Varsity Coach is going on High Adventure and I am going to Scout Camp as the Scoutmaster.  I am decently excited as about 50% of the Scouts going are going to be Varsity Scouts.  I love my Scouts and love spending time with them!  It is going to be fun.  As for the younger Scouts, guess we will see how they act.  Hopefully the SPL will be able to keep them wrangled and where they are supposed to be with me mentoring them.

I am not excited when it comes to the fact that our Stake has encouraged us when and where to go.  Apparently this is going to be LDS week as this Scout Camp.  I am a little leery of this as they have picked a Scout Camp that is a decent distance away and gas is expensive.  Our Troop (and Ward) isn't the most financially influential in the area and so I am worried.  I also think our Troop should always be able to decide when and where they go without influence from Church officials.

I never went to Scout Camp as a Scout.  All my merit badges were earned the old fashion way.  I still wonder why we never went.  I wonder if the money wasn't there for our Troop though I remember making tons of money selling candy that the Scouts made themselves.  I am a little intimidated about being in charge as well.  Granted I have led more difficult things than this for sure.  But I am concerned about how all the LDS Scouts will act.  Hopefully we share a camp with a good group of kids.  I have heard horror stories about LDS units at Scout Camp.

The best part of this is I will be there with my son.  His mother has granted permission for him to be there and so this will be the first time I have spent a decent amount of time with him.  He is a such a great kid ~ a gentle giant.  And he has sold more than enough Camp Cards to pay for it and is now selling flags to help the Troop.  I am very excited.

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