Monday, April 16, 2012

Returning for Weekend #1 of Wood Badge

I am serving as a Troop Guide for Wood Badge in my Council and just returned from weekend #1 with my patrol.  We were sent home early due to horrible weather (hail and deadly tornadoes) that were forecasted for the area.  We got through Saturday afternoon and were about to launch rockets.  It was sad to have to go home because my group was just in the phase of norming and performing.  I think though we will be able to overcome any issues caused by weather.

Some of my thoughts about weekend #1:

  • Many people need to know what we are doing and why before and when we are doing it.  I wonder if this is a control issue because I suffer from this too.
  • Sleep and food overcome some forms of stress.
  • Some of the "secrecy" of Wood Badge is required.  Some is not.
  • I will and have learned more than the participants.
  • People come to Wood Badge for a host of many reasons.
  • Sometimes "forcing" people to figure out what they are learning is better than telling them what they "should" have learned.  Let them define their own experience.  One experience means many things to many people.
I am having a blast.  I have a great patrol that has their heads on.  I hate to keep hounding them about tickets but I have only emailed once in being home for 2.5 days.  Hopefully the Council is able to figure out how we are going to fix the loss of 1.5 days without requiring an extra weekend.

Thank God for good friends serving by my side.  I have two Troop Guides who I have bunked.  One I knew before for about a year and the other I met through Wood Badge.  These two men are just pure greatness.  Great job Owl and Bear TGs!!

What will I take away from this last weekend:
  • Scout leaders come in many shapes and sizes.  That is the greatness that is Wood Badge.
  • Some give all to the Scouting program.
  • Many people will not toot their own horn but with a little arm twisting you can find out that there are heroes wearing Scout uniforms.
I cannot wait to go back to Gilwell!

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Tory said...

I love Wood Badge!

That's too bad you had to cut short the first weekend with the weather. And right before the rockets, game show, and Win All You Can! That is sure to change the dynamic of the course. Better safe than sorry, though. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to live with the threat of tornadoes like that. Hope everyone is safe.

I think in a lot of ways I learned more as a Troop Guide than I did as a participant. Sure, I got what I think I needed out of my course, but going through the staff guide and having a chance to study the presentations and think about them in depth over several months in preparation for teaching gave me a much deeper understanding of what it's all about.