Monday, April 30, 2012

Return from Wood Badge 101

I returned from Wood Badge 101 as the Troop Guide for the Antelope Patrol.  I don't really know exactly how to put the experience into words for those who haven't been to Wood Badge but I may try.

Staffing was a heck of a lot more work than I expected even though I was not expecting a vacation.  I mean, all the studying and practicing and the billion of meetings before Wood Badge was a lot of work too.  When people needed help with things, I was more than willing to work until everything was done.  That often led into the early hours of the morning.  I moved what seemed to be 55 rail road ties to get ready for the conservation project on the day before weekend #2.  At times I didn't get a whole heck of a lot of sleep.  Sleep was over rated anyway and to be honest, as tired as I was I didn't even get quality sleep.

The actually Wood Badge course of 2 3-day weekends was probably the best part of the course.  Staff development was fun but being with those who were getting the training, hanging out with them and getting to know them really put the experience over the top for me.  Seeing the unique personalities and situations that are in Scouting is awesome.  There are more and more parents getting involved because they have a son with disabilities ~ and that is a testament to the greatness of these parents.

I sort of hung out with two other Troop Guides.  We bunked together.  One I knew because I served on his District's Advancement Committee until our District split.  The guy is pure nice and kind and has so many funny puns.  The other is probably one of the kindest attorneys I have every met.  Both guys, I feel, are like my brothers.  My boss, the ASM over Troop Guides, was very more caring and kinder than I deserve.

So why is Wood Badge so great?  The people you meet, the friends you gain and the lessons you learn.

One small comment on LDS Scouting and Wood Badge - I know I feared being released before I completed my 5 tickets when I attended Wood Badge.  I know with our "volun-told" status as Scout leaders, we can be replaced at any time.  I encourage the powers that be to force Bishops into not allowing Scout leaders to be replaced so quickly.  It should be a 5 to 7 year calling with the possibility of 10 if they are good.  If a Scout leader decides to check out, the Bishops should not release them but find their replacement and call them as their assistant.  And there is nothing wrong with having more than one assistant for a calling.  Funny how a Elder's Quorum President, Relief Society President and a Bishop get 2 counselor's but usually a Scout leader only gets one.  In fact, each time a Bishop is called, he should call a man as his key three Scout leaders (Scout Master, Varsity Coach and Venturing Adviser) and they should not be released until he is.


Eric the Half-bee said...

Rock on, Antelopes. Best patrol. Ever.

Fishgutts said...

The Foxes are not half bad either but my patrol gave me the title of "foxelope" when they found out I was a fox. They also branded and signed a piece of leather that looked like an antelope hoof. It is a prized possession and I appreciate them thinking of me.