Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Burn Out

Obviously this applies to me right now but:

How would your recommend that a Scout leader not get burnt out?

I think this might be helpful to others as well.

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Brian Reyman said...

This is a tough one, as burn-out in Scouting is very easily done. Lots of time commitments, challenges, etc.

I've been a Scoutmaster for over 4 years now and occasionally feel burn-out or extreme frustration as well. To help me cope, I usually try and do one or more of the following:
- Prayer/Scriptures: The Lord has asked us to do this work and relying on him is probably the best cure. I find that when I'm burned out/discouraged, some specific prayers, scripture study, pondering or a temple trip with thoughts specifically turned to this helps.
- Letting go of the anger: More than half of my burn outs are over being frustrated with someone else's decision (usually those making decisions but not always understanding the program). I have to consistently remind myself that others are trying to do the best they can in their circles of influence and that anger only really hurts me. Lots of deep breaths and more prayer here :).
- Go on an outing - spending time with the young men reminds me why I love this calling more than any other I've ever had!
- Let myself off the hook sometimes. It's really easy, for me at least, to try and do it all. I have to be okay, though, with occasionally missing an activity, campout or related item and not beating myself up over it.

I have at least 3 more years to go (my current Bishopric won't release me until they're released), so I have lots more opportunities to deal with burnout. Luckily, as I've mentioned above, this is BY FAR the best calling I've ever had. Even if not in an official calling in the future, I'll definitely be volunteering in plenty of roles for the rest of my life.

Hang in there and endure to the end. Blessings come to those who do so.