Thursday, March 8, 2012

RANT - Scout Committee

We have waited months and weeks for our Scout Committee to plan a Court of Honor that is taking place 8 days from right now.  I CC'ed all my emails to those who I have personally made assignments to to the Scout Committee Chair so that maybe he would get some gumption and actually do something to contribute to the CoH other than show up and preside.

His reply to me:

Make sure we utilize committee members and their talents.

Who's job is that again?  Why am I planning this Court of Honor instead of the SC?  I begged you to do it (your job) yourselves at a SC Meeting (that I am still not a part of!) but you turned me down.  My job is train and mentor boys, not to plan a Court of Honor.

The worst part is I just don't have the guts to call this guy on the rug.  In the end, my half-planned Court of Honor will be better than a Scout Committee lack-of-planning Court of Honor.


Brian Reyman said...

Tough situation - not having a committee chair that fully supports is challenging. Has he been fully trained? If not, maybe suggesting that is a better way than calling him out on his responsibilities. If he has been, but still isn't functioning, maybe bring it up with your COR (whomever in the Bishopric is assigned that role for your Ward).

Another thing to consider - is it something the boys can do? We have smaller (30 minutes or so) quarterly court of honors that the boys plan. I provide them with a suggested agenda that they can change if needed, invite people for prayers, music, food, etc.

Then, once/year, usually at the end of summer after camp and lots of awards, the quarterly one is bigger. Including dinner, boys showing talents, etc. I often help plan that one a little more heavily (although our committee does do a good job and help a lot), but as it's only once a year it isn't as big a deal.

Fishgutts said...

The SCC's definition of being trained hangs on his uniform in the form an Eagle Scout Square Knot. Any time training is brought up, his excuse is "I don't need that training, I am an Eagle Scout."

The Court of Honor was very boy lead and in fact was conducted by my Varsity Team Captain. But other than that and the Scout demonstrations that I asked the boys to do, the SM, VC, Assistant VC and VA did all the work. Talk about burn out........