Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Parenting sucks at times.  I am experiencing that right now.  Agency shouldn't be given to some people.  I should have more influence as a parent and friends should have less influence.  Choices have eternal consequences.  And then you can do everything right for a kid and they can still choose to do what they want contrary to what the Lord wants.
We too must have the faith to teach our children and bid them to keep the commandments. We should not let their choices weaken our faith. Our worthiness will not be measured according to their righteousness. Lehi did not lose the blessing of feasting at the tree of life because Laman and Lemuel refused to partake of its fruit. Sometimes as parents we feel we have failed when our children make mistakes or stray. Parents are never failures when they do their best to love, teach, pray, and care for their children. Their faith, prayers, and efforts will be consecrated to the good of their children.

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