Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kelly Kettle

Because I do a lot of freezer bag cooking, I really want one of these REAL BAD!  If Kelly wants to give me one to "test" and review I would love to do it for them!!

I keep looking into these and I WANT ONE REALLY BAD!!!  A new sleeping bag and tent can wait.


Brian Reyman said...

I agree - this type of Kettle is REALLY slick. I came across a similar one, but lighter and smaller - and innovated and produced by a guy in the US:

It is even featured in this month's issue of Scouting magazine.

A really neat story. Unfortunately, he hasn't started mass producing them yet - I'm waiting patiently for them to be available!

Fishgutts said...

The Boiler you mentioned is the one I originally wanted but I have been waiting forever for him to produce them. I love the fact that you can grab that one with your hand and not use a handle and chain. So the Kelly Kettle is the one I am buying unless he all of a sudden produces some of his boilers.

Brian Reyman said...

Yah, it has been a LONG time. Lots of folks keep reviewing it too, even though it's never in stock. That's the one disappointing part of it.

If you want something sooner, I'd probably recommend this:

It's actually a "borrowed" design of the Backcountry Boiler, but is in stock in plenty of online places (with a Google search) for under $100. Probably better for backpacking than the Kelly Kettle.

Eric the Half-bee said...

As part of the preparation for my 11YOs' backpacking trip, their first as Scouts, I'll be making and teaching them how to make one of these wood gasifier stoves. The stove itself is free, because you make it from cans you were going to throw away; the fuel is free, because it's pencil-thin sticks you find. And it weighs nearly nothing.