Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Church Basketball

Lets start by saying my ward is the returning champions from last years tournament.  We played our first game and there was not only foul language from the other team but one of their players football tackeled one of our players that was injured and was dropping 3s on them.  Literally a football tackle.  We ended up going to double over time and winning.  I have decided since I only played 3 minutes out of 40 plus 2 5-minute over times that our team is more concerned with winning as compared to building brotherhood and having a good time.  If it is more important to not let me play so I don't loose if for the team, it is better I don't play at all.  I am sure one week they will be calling me to come and play when they don't have enough guys.  I won't be available.  I am going to play with my brother in law's ward who proudly play a mentally challenged young man.  At least their team sees the true point of the tournament.

Video is horrible but that is partly because it is true.  I even wrote a paper on it.  I guess I need to find it.

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