Monday, January 23, 2012

Quote - President Gordon B. Hinckley

Think of this quote in relation to LDS leaders who still refuse to get training.

"This is the great day of decision for each of us.  For many it is the time of beginning something that will go on for as long as you live.  I plead with you: don't be a scrub!  Rise to the high ground of spiritual, mental, and physical excellence.  You can do it.  You may not be a genius.  You may be lacking in some skills.  But so many of us can do better than we are now doing.  We are members of this great Church whose influence is now felt over the world.  We are people with a present and with a future.  Don't muff your opportunities.  Be excellent". ~  President Gordon B. Hinckley

A calling in your Ward's Scout unit is the only calling in your ward that has set and true training protocol.  Either you are trained or you are not.  There is no fence sitting.  This is not a calling where training comes "on the fly" or "on the job".  Why then would leaders refuse to go and attend their training especially if we believe that Scouting is truly an inspired program of the Lord?


Tory said...

It's true. Of all the callings in the church, none has as much training available as those in Scouting. Why is it consistently neglected?

Fishgutts said...

That is a great question. I have a post later this week about a Stake who took the syllabus for Scoutmaster, Coach and Venturing Adviser Leader Specific and removed part of the syllabus to "make room" for some LDS material. We were told the syllabus was "boring" so they elected not to use it.