Thursday, November 10, 2011

Troop Guide Meeting #1

The dynamic of a group sometimes reminds me of being forced to work in groups in school.  I hated working in groups because I ended up doing a ton of the leg work and people benefited from my hard work.

On the other hand, people push so hard for their ideas to be used that that is all they see.  It is a battle to get them to see others ideas.  Group assignments are about compromise.

Tonight's meeting was a little bit of the later.  People came with ideas and not open minds.  In the end we were able to use a version of their ideas.  They were not happy about changing their plans but in the end it isn't about the Troop Guides.  It is about solving a problem and modeling a project for those going to Wood Badge.  In a matter of 2 hours we had our issues, the resolution and the design of the project.  We also practiced our fireside skit.

We may still be storming.  LOL!

On another note, I am a bit more comfortable in my shoes for Wood Badge.  Last night was a bit better.  Acting the fool in our skit rehearsal went bounds to breaking me out of my shell and making more comfortable.

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