Monday, November 21, 2011

Campsite Reservations

8 weeks ago I asked my Varsity Captain to get with the Outdoor Chair of our Scout Committee about reserving a campsite that is in our county but in another Council.  For 8 weeks I reminded him at least three times a week about the need to reserve the site.  6 days before the campout, I asked him if he had reserved it.  He told me he had not.  I actually knew he had not and reserved it without him knowing.  He then told me he was not going to be able to go due to a competition for something.  I was trying to calm myself down at that point so I wasn't listening to why.  I have horrible active listening skills at times when things are getting to me.  I think that he checked out further when he figured out he wasn't going and didn't care what happened.  We had a quick meeting on Wednesday to discuss what we were going to do without a camp site.  He basically told the group that we could just use a member's beach front property to camp on.  I then caught him in a lie that I let go.  It wasn't worth calling him out on the rug.

I don't plan on telling this boy EVER that I reserved the camp site without his help.  The reason?  His leadership skills are important.  He needs to know that he let the Team and the Troop down.  He knows he let me down.  He knows he let the Assistant Varsity Coach down too.  He also needs to know that he has to follow through.  If he thinks I "saved" him, he will think I will do it in the future.  I have let boys absolutely fail in the past as a learning point but I can't let it effect the actual outdoor program of the Scouting program.  The Varsity Captain has responsibility and that responsibility is real!  REAL!!!

I got a voicemail on Thursday before the Campout from the Outdoor Chair of the Scout Committee (who is also the Varsity Captain's Seminary Teacher) about not being able to reserve our desired campsite.  Here is my reply:
Brother X:

I was working last night and returned late to your message.  I understand that you tried to reserve H&H after The Varsity Captain asked for your help and were unable to.  Long story very short, we have been asking the VC for about 8 weeks to reserve H&H with your help to make sure that we got a campsite.  Unfortunately he did not seek your help in the time we requested.  Due to that, I reserved the campsite last Saturday due to the clear lack of follow through by the VC.  We had been following up with him 3 times a week for about 8 weeks.  We are attempting to be boy lead units but when a boy's lack of follow through effects camping for the other boys, sometimes we as leaders have to step in.  We appreciate your help and will ask the VC to get your help in reserving a campsite in the future. 

I did not want to tell the VC that I reserved the campsite because I do not want him to think I will "rescue" him when he puts things off to the last minute and I do not want him to think his leadership isn't important.  It is and we are still trying to impress him on the importance of not only his Priesthood keys as Teacher's Quorum President but also as the Varsity Captain.  I also do not plan on telling him that I reserved it 6 days ago.

This morning I received a confirmation from H&H that we are scheduled at Spirit Hills at H&H.  The map of the campsite is attached.  We are right next to the cemetery. 

Is there something I could have done for him to help him do his job?  All I asked him to do was to ask the Outdoor Chair to reserve the campsite.  His actual work was so small.  He has had a leadership class on planning a campout.  Apparently reminding him wasn't enough.

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