Friday, November 18, 2011


I was told at my first Wood Badge training course that my tennis shoes are not a part of the official BSA uniform and I needed hiking boots to complete my uniform.  I find uniform nazis hurting their point more than helping it especially when they are so insistant that they are right and others are wrong.  You get more flies with sugar than vinegar.  

I have a pair of hiking boots that I got three blisters in last time I used them on a 8 mile hike for an Eagle Scout Project.  After that I went to REI and asked the guy what I could use to avoid blisters. He recommended sock liners and Body Glide.  I didn't think the sock liners were very impressive until I used them.  I bought the REI brand because they were cheaper than the other brands.  I have not used the Body Glide yet because I have not done a long hike but the sock liners work.

REI Cool Max sock liners.

I have heard that this works well in the thigh area too when hiking long, long distances.

So I bought a new pair of low boots.  They were cheap but after 3 days of them at IOLS, I can tell that they are good boots.  For about $40 they are definitely worth what I paid for them. 

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