Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Advancement Nightmare

Today I met with a 13 year old Scout about his Eagle Scout project at one of the LDS Church buildings.  While making copies I noticed a flier and collection boxes for an Eagle Scout Project.  When I went to look to see who the Scout was that was doing his project, I noticed that is was one that I denied his project and paperwork 5 weeks ago because he didn't have his project written up on the BSA Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook.  He obtained a "version" of this packet on the internet and wrote it up.  I pulled his Dad into the room and made it very clear to them both that the project could not be started until it was on a BSA form and had my signature.  I was very clear about this!  Very.

I really don't try to be a hard butt.  Really.  But the BSA Eagle Packet clearly states on page 2 under "The Requirement" sub heading:
As stated in The Boy Scout Handbook: While a Life Scout, plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to your religious institution, school, or your community.  (The project should benefit an organization other than the BSA.) The project plan must be approved by the organization benefiting from the effort, your unit leader (Scoutmaster, Varsity Scout Coach, Venturing crew Advisor), unit committee, and by the council or district advancement committee before you start. You must use this Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook (No. 512-927 or its online equivalent on the National Eagle Scout Association’s Web site, in meeting this requirement.
Clearly this states that they have to use the BSA packet.  They can't use a version of it that someone created.

On page 3 under "Approvals" it states:
The project plan must be reviewed and approved by the beneficiary of the project, your unit leader, the unit committee, and the council or district advancement committee before the project is started.
 Remember, the project must be approved before you begin, so make sure all signatures have been secured before you start the project.
I am not sure why  LDS Scouters have such an issue with these issues.  Am I expecting too much for them to follow the written instructions in the packet?  How come I have had NO issues with non-LDS units yet all my issues have been with the LDS units?

Anyone have an ideas?

UPDATE:  I have since talked with the Scout's mom (2 days after I left her a lengthy voice mail).  I explained to her that I had talked to the Scout and her husband 5 weeks ago that they needed to use the proper forms.  I told her I had not signed the paperwork.  I told her that I made it very clear that her son could not start his project until he has my signature.  She said she had not idea and neither her son or husband had kept her in the loop about what is going on.  She told me that both of the Scout and her husband told her that everything was OK and he was clear to start work on his project.  I told her I would email her the proper form so that there was no confusion.  I also told her that he could not collect any items until I had signed the form.  Sounded like she was going to be the motivating force to ensure I signed the forms quickly. 

I think this goes to show that sometimes the driving force in Scouting are the moms.  My mom was.

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