Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wood Badge Troop Guide

When I shared with my Troop Guide from Wood Badge that I was going to be a Wood Badge Troop Guide he asked me what lessons I learned from him as a TG.  Here is what I shared with him.

As for the lesson ~ I have been thinking about that all morning.  In my discussion with Donna this morning you came up a couple times.  I think I learned how to narrow my goals and be more specific.  You offered to help a ton!  I felt like you honestly cared (that was apparent from the phone calls we shared).  You never gave up on me though at times I was at an absolute stand still (at least from my perspective) when it came to my tickets.  You made me help myself and absolutely made me push myself.  I think about my Troop's ex-Scoutmaster who went to WB with me and how one of his tickets was to get CPR training and how that would have never "cut the mustard" not only with me but with you.  You had higher standards than that.  I also learned (again!) that I am at times a bit too hard and expect too much from myself.  I can honestly say I am more proud of my WB beads than my Eagle.


He said that me saying my Beads meant more to me than my Eagle was a bold statement but a statement I stand behind.  With my Eagle, my parents were the motivating force.  I wanted to please them.  They helped me through the process.  My beads on the other hand were all my doing.  I earned them on my own.  My driving force was me and my boys.

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