Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why your son went hungry.......

I think I am about to have this conversation with a Mom.  I hope not.  I am sure some are not going to like my approach.

Dear Sister Molly Mormon:

So you want to know why your son went hungry on a campout?  I will tell you exactly why.

6 weeks ago he planned a campout.  He picked the spot, he picked the food, he picked the activity.  He made all the assignments.  He met with the Scout Committee.  He waited until 4 days before the campout to call and make sure our campsite was open.  It wasn't.  I reminded him for 5 weeks to call.  The Assistant Coach reminded him for 5 weeks.  When our spot fell through, we suggested another spot and asked him to call to check it out.  He didn't do it so the AC did it for him to make sure he didn't get the opportunity to cancel the campout for others.  We reminded him of his food assignment that he gave himself for 2 weeks.  We reminded him to delegate.  He didn't do it.

So what happens at home when you don't cook for him?  Does he go hungry?  Does he starve?  Nope.  He knows well enough how to open the fridge and find something to eat.  Here in the wilderness, we don't have a fridge so your son has to be a bit more forward thinking, plan his meal (which he did) and then he has to go out and get it.  You realize he was only gone for 16 hours?  I don't think anyone could starve to death in 16 hours.  Isn't 16 hours of hunger one of the best lessons of accountability a boy could learn?

Do I hold some accountability in all of this?  YES!  I do.  I have not trained your son well enough to be a good leader.  My accountability though only goes to the point where I have tried to help him fulfill his assignment and he chose to not fill it.  Your son still hasn't attended his Position Training.  Other things have seemed more important.  Will you make time in his schedule to take this training?

I love your son.  I have loved coming to his football games.  I have loved helping him work out answers to his problems.  I love your son!  I just can't do it all for him.

Brother Fishgutts