Saturday, October 1, 2011

Varsity Huddle - Varsity Advancement

Varsity Huddle – Varsity Scout Advancement
June 2nd, 2011

Varsity Letter –

The Varsity Scout letter V-emblem is awarded to team members who participate high-adventure or sports program features and are preceded by training or practice sessions. Activities are planned by the youth high-adventure/sports program manager; participation may also result in the team member receiving a Varsity Scout activity pin for the V-emblem. Varsity Scout letter bar pins are awarded for subsequently completed high-adventure or sports program features. (2000 Varsity Scout Guidebook (34827A))

Varsity Scout Letter Bar –
A Varsity Scout letter bar is pinned to the Varsity Scout letter and represents each additional letter earned youth team member. The youth requirements are the same as the Varsity Scout letter.
Varsity Activity Pin –

The Team Captain determines the requirements and awards the pins at a Court of Honor.  Pins include backpacking, bowling, basketball, canoe camping, caving, cross-country skiing, cycling, Discover America, fishing, freestyle biking, frontiersman, mechanics, Operation On-Target (signaling), orienteering, rock climbing and rappelling, roller hockey, shooting sports, show camping, soccer, softball, survival, swimming, tennis, triathlon, volleyball, water skiing and white water canoeing. 

Denali Award –

The Denali Award is the highest award in Varsity Scouting. Varsity Scouts must earn at least one Varsity Letter, and serve as program manager (a position of responsibility), acting as primary leader in at least two of the fields of emphasis and participating in the remaining three fields. (2000 Varsity Scout Guidebook (34827A))

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