Thursday, October 20, 2011

Scouts-LDS - Scouting In the LDS Church

I encourage any of you who are further intersted in Scouting in the LDS Church to join the Yahoo Group Scouts-LDS - Scouting in the LDS Church.  Please take some of the things said in the group with a grain of salt.  It gets heated at times.

Today this blog was quoted by the group.  I am not sure if the person disagreed or agreed but they pulled this quote from my blog:

"Varsity Scouting is designed to work more on sports and outdoor skills. BSA literature teaches that boys should be working on earning their Eagle at home while they are Varsity Scouts."

Where else does a boy work on Eagle other than home?  Varsity Fields of Emphasis are the primary function of the Team (if not, they fail to be a Team).  Merit badges can piggy back some of the 21 features of the Team but there are tons more merit badges than 21 Team program features.  If a boy wants Eagle, shouldn't he be working on these requirements at home and with his merit badge counselor?  Shouldn't a Troop member who wants a merit badge be working on that at home because Troop meetings are not merit badge classes?

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