Monday, October 24, 2011

New Scoutmaster

My brother in law is a Varsity Coach in another ward in the area.  His program works much differently than mine under his Bishop's direction.  Recently my BIL discussed with me that his ward's Scoutmaster is not active at Church and has a live in girlfriend.  In fact the Scoutmaster preaches the "live in situation" as OK to the boys.  My BIL has gone to the Bishop and a change doesn't seem to be coming quickly enough for both him or me (not that my concerns matters).  This is what I shared with him in an email today:

Stick by your guns on your Scoutmaster.  Here is a couple quote for ya!

"Third, I encourage local priesthood leaders to call to service as Aaronic Priesthood advisers men [President Monson includes Scoutmasters in here if you read the whole talk] who are models for the young men to follow. A returned missionary, fresh from the mission field, blossoming with testimony, is often such a model. A young Aaronic Priesthood holder can say, “That’s the type of man I want to follow.”...............We are setting an example, through that Aaronic Priesthood adviser. Let us make certain he is a role model worthy of emulation." - Seven Steps to Success with Aaronic Priesthood Youth, Ensign Feb. 1985

Scouting is so important that the very best man in an LDS ward should be the Scoutmaster. - Bishop Bradley Harris (He is our old Bishop when we were part of XXX Ward.  He now teaches Scouting classes at BYU and has a book you will be getting from me called Trails to Testimony.  He also created the Venturing program for the BSA-he worked for the BSA for years before going to BYU to teach.)

No example would be better than a bad one.  A temporary Scoutmaster would be better than what you have especially with the Scoutmaster out right defiant attitude towards Church standards.  Our work is inspired!  It is the most important work of the Church out there!  We are molding future Bishops, future Stake Presidents and probably future General Authorities.  Our message to the boys can not be discredited or distracted because of our own actions.  Our actions speak louder than our words. 

I do not want to sound preachy or judgmental.  My standards are different than others and I respect your right and choice if they are the same or different than mine.  The teachings of our Church are completely against sex before marriage and living with someone before you are married.  These are the beliefs of the Church and I agreed long ago to live by these standards.  I do not care what others do in their own personal life unless of course their choices effect others (Scouts).

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