Friday, October 7, 2011

Homework, sports, band and Scouts

Bryan wrote a great article on homework, Scouting and how to decide between hours of homework and a Scout meeting.  I think the boy and their homework has to be weighed by parents when making that decision.  Putting off homework and doing it last minute, in my opinion, should never be a reason for missing a meeting.  Drives me nuts.  From a Scout leaders perspective, it drives me nuts to plan a personal meeting (keeping each boys needs in mind) and then having them not show up. 

I struggle with this in my own unit.  Band (marching) and sports absolutely kill my program.  Football season suck!  Life Scouts sit at that rank because they are too "busy" with other stuff.  And then seconds before their 18th birthday they become interested in the program again.  (See!  The Eagle/driver's license thing doesn't work!)  I think getting a boy his Eagle by the summer of his freshman year of high school is essential to not allowing him to get distracted.

I have done almost 20 Eagle Board of Reviews and 99% of them have been for LDS units.  Of those LDS Eagle Board of Reviews almost all have been last minute.  Wait to the last minute and issues occur.  Read one of my recent posts to see some of the issues of waiting to the last minute.


Eric the Half-bee said...

In other words, you're saying that Varsity (Teachers) Scouts' programs should be actively pursuing Eagle. I wonder if that's in the Varsity literature...

And as a Texan, you should be ashamed at your obvious football heresy;)

Fishgutts said...

I am saying there is no right or wrong path to Eagle whether you are 13.5 or 17. What I am saying is that a boy should be actively working on Eagle AT HOME when a Varsity Scout and working High Adventure program in meetings. Either way, they should be in their meetings 9 times out of 10. Football is NOT going to get you the big paycheck when you look at the statistics of people who go pro vs those who hope to.

Don't get me started on Texas football. Today the Homecoming Parade is destroying all three programs meetings.