Thursday, September 1, 2011

Varsity Huddle - Freezer Bag Cooking

Varsity Huddle – Freezer Bag Cooking (FBC)

·    What is the goal of boys cooking together?
·    What does your team usually cook on campouts?
·    How much does it weigh?
·    How hard it is to cook or prepare?
·    How good does it taste?
What do you need to freezer bag cook?
·        Coozie (enough for each 2 persons to have 1 coozie between them – most meals are for two but some can be for four).
·        Almost boiling water in the amount stated for each recipe.
·        A sharpie
·        Quart sized freezer bags (buy the name brands because they are higher quality and usually will not leak!)
·        Patience
·        Dehydrator (optional)

Why freezer bag cook?
·        It is cheap, it is easy and it is really good food.
·        It is very lightweight.
·        Most meals will stick to your ribs.
·        You can create unique meals through experimentation with ingredients.
·        If you are filtering water instead of carrying water, the meals will disguise the taste of bad water.
·        You have a lot of the food you need in your food storage.
·        Because it will cause two boys to work together to make sure they eat!
·        Less dirty dishes to clean.

·        Freezer Bag Cooking – Trail Food Made Simple by Sarah Svien Kirkconnell
·        Experimentation of existing recipes.

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