Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Training - Milk before Meat

Tonight we held a Church/Scout Training meeting for the Scouts and the Team for our Duty to God night.  We had everyone attend as I am sure at some point they will each be some form of a leader. I wrote the manual.  Six sections; 10 minutes a section.  We were done in less than an hour. 

Granted, we probably should start with BSA youth standard leadership training but our unit needs milk before meat.  So here is what we used.  The videos were a HUGE help.  One of the only problems is the Church's firewall and filter wouldn't let us use Youtube to show videos so we had to be creative.

It went well.  The boys got distracted a time or few but throw a few candies at them and the lion quieted down.

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Eric the Half-bee said...

A good workaround for that firewall problem is It lets you download YouTube videos to your machine, rather than stream them. A little preparation and you'll have all the AV stimulation you could want.