Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trainers EDGE

Recently in Sunday School we were discussing using hidden talents.  It came up that the Lord doesn't like it when we are hard on ourselves and assume that we can't do the things he has placed in front of us.  We also discussed "cockiness" and how assume teaching our way is the only way.  This reminded me of two things:
  1. It is hard being one of your son's Scout leaders.  I find myself just having to walk away at times because my son isn't doing things exactly like I want them to be done or the way I would do them.  I need to continue to realize that "my way" is not "his way" but our different ways are OK!  Note to self:  If the Taco Soup tastes good, why do you care how it is done?
  2. I took a Trainers EDGE class at the last University of Scouting and though that this was going to be a cake class.  I teach so much at Church and Scouts, I was just doing it for the certificate.  When I presented, I got crushed by my patrol.  I was surprised by how poorly I had done.  Granted I am sure I am over-exaggerating a bit but in the end it was a great lesson to me that no matter how much I teach, my lesson needs to not be distracted by the way I teach it.

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