Thursday, September 8, 2011

Games with a Purpose - British Bulldog

British Bulldog was one of Baden-Powell's favorite games.  A short field is created when two "safe zones" like football end zones are created.  The boys run from one safe zone to the other trying not to be caught by the British Bulldog.

The British Bulldog in turn grabs a boy, picks him completely off the ground and declares "British Bulldog!"  Both boys are now Bulldogs.  This process progresses until each boy is a British Bulldog.

We had one boy who escaped from 9 Bulldogs 3 times before he was finally caught.  Tons of fun.

Make sure the field is clear and make sure all glasses and cell phones are removed.  One boy broke his glasses the first time we played.  Thank goodness for insurance!  Make sure that any boy that sees this as an opportunity to beat the crap out of another boy is removed from the game.  I don't allow them to cheat either.  One starting Bulldog ran 11 times before he was able to catch other boy (great teaching moment and opportunity to give words of affirmation).  I tell my boys often "I am sure that the insurance forms filled out from one of you hurting another will be long and detailed.  I am not filling them out for you."

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