Thursday, September 22, 2011

Changes within the Ward

My Young Men's President and Venturing Adviser was called into the Bishopric on Sunday.  I am excited for him.  Having another member of the Bishopric that understands the program and advocates for the program is never a bad thing.  He finished his Wood Badge training less than a year ago (earned his beads) and is the first member of our Bishopric that is WB trained. 

On the negative side (I am a half empty type of guy), we must train a new President.  The Scoutmaster and I were wringing our hands and doing an evil laugh on Sunday because we can train a new YMP the way we want (not that the old guy was bad!).  BSA ALL THE WAY!  I have been asked how I feel about changing callings within the program.  I am happy where I am at.  When my call was extended, I was told it was a 10 year calling.  I expect it to be that at least!  I never want to serve anywhere else again.  I love the Scouting program and I love the young Priesthood holders (though at times they drive me nuts). 

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