Saturday, September 17, 2011


Our Troop, Team and Crew usually camp 9 times a year.  One of those is either High Adventure or Scout Camp.  

After 3 months of no camping due to 70+ days of 100+ degrees, we TRIED to go camping last night.  We started small.  We live on a lake in Texas (I guess living on the lake should really say I live within 750 yards of the lake).  A member has a lake home and so we set up camp on his beach.  The charcol was started for dinner.  The tents were set up.  And then...............?

The heavens opened like I haven't seen in years.  In a matter of 3 minutes, the temperatures dropped 10 degrees.  The winds went from literally nothing to 30 mph.  And it poured buckets.  Our tents that we had staked into the sand, we being removed from the beach by the wind.  Lightening started and moved closer to us.  We ordered the boys off the beach to the cars and the adults braved the lightening to put all of our stuff under cover.  After an hour, we had had enough.  It wasn't letting up.  We were all soaked.  Even the guys with expensive rain gear were wetter than a seal in the sea.  My pocho was a joke.  (I use a poncho because when it rains here in Texas, it is usually pretty humid and I like the ability to have freedom of air to cool myself.)  What sealed the message from God that we were not wanted on the beach was when lightening stuck across the lake (about 2 miles away) and fire truck after fire truck headed that way.  Enough already!  We were done.

We came home last night.  From the time we left to the time we were home was less than 2 hours.  Wimpy.  First campout we have every canceled when we actually got there.  Second canceled campout in two years ~ it was canceled due to lightening.  I do bad weather.  I just don't do lightening.

So this morning we are off to pick up our stuff and to shoot sling shots.  I hope all the boys slept well and dry.  I did.  It is humid this morning though.  Supposed to be 90 degrees today.  I hate humidity. 

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