Saturday, August 13, 2011


Today I made a trip to Dick's Sporting goods to just look around for any steals to inform my parents about.  After looking around I have decided that with hiking and camping you can skimp on some stuff but definately not on others.  The things I would not skimp on are:
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Ground pad
  • Backpack
You don't have to spend a ton on these items but you usually get what you pay for!  Today they had some great and decent priced backpacks and sleeping bags.  Tents usually need to be specific for climate and what you all are doing with them.  I have a 2 man tent that works great here in Texas where it is hot and doesn't rain too often.  It would be a poor tent for rain.  It is small.  Barely fits my son and I but is perfect for a one man tent with room for my stuff so I don't have to leave it outside.  The rain fly is a joke to be honest.  Now it has rained and snowed on it and it does OK but I wouldn't go packing it for the rains of Florida.


Evenspor said...

This is what my husband has said many times. After suffering through many winter camp-outs as a poorly equipped youth, he believes proper equipment is worth it (and worth keeping an eye out for good deals).

Fishgutts said...

Being old and fat myself, the better the equipment is the better I am going to do and the better I am going to last. We are starting to get ramped up for Philmont in 2013 and I hope to make the journey this time.

Eric the Half-bee said...

Speaking of Good Deals, check out This is the Alps Mountaineering manufacturer's site for providing top-quality gear at special (45% discount) prices to Scouting groups.