Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The BSA hates Varsity Teams

In my 3 year tenure as a Varsity Coach I, humbly, have done a ton to try and change the lack of the Varsity Program in my area.  I started Varsity Huddle at Roundtable.  I am the Varsity Huddle Commissioner.  Ticket item.  I serve on the training committee to train all new Varsity Coaches and Assistant Varsity Coaches.  I have 17 Coaches in my District and 17 more assistant Coaches.  Some I don't ever hear from.  Some I have never seen.  But there are some that make me proud.  These are dedicated men who show up to Huddle, help teach, are acceptable to be taught and take that back to their units.

The BSA hates Varsity Teams and Bryon on Scouting proves it probably without knowing it.  Check out  Notice at the top you don't see a single thing about Varsity Teams.  But if you plug your zip code into the Boy Scout section, you get Troops and Teams.  Now some are going to argue that Varsity is a part of Boy Scouts but if BSA actually read the program, they are very different.  Don't even belong in the same category especially if the Teams are being run right.  Granted you get to see Teams but why are they not advertising for them?  Have you ever been to the Scout Shop?  Notice the lack of Varsity Specific items to sell to me?  Not a Varsity neckerchief to be found.  Not a Varsity shirt to be found.  Obviously they don't want my money.

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