Thursday, February 17, 2011

Survival Kit

My boys think they are Bear Grylle and have planned a High Adventure where they will need a survival kit.  I happen to have one that I made 23 years ago as a Scout that I haven't opened since I made it.  So at last nights meeting, we opened it.

Here is my 23 year old survival kit.
So as we opened it, the smell of "weird" chocolate came from the kit.

My kit opened.
So the contents of my kit were: 2 bandaids, matches (that didn't work), 4 beef cubes, 23 year old and melted M&M candy, cotton ball, metal wire for traps, fishing line, hooks, razor blade, needle and some bite weights for the fishing gear.  The M&Ms must not have been sealed right because everything smells like old chocolate.  They got a kick out of it and we talked about what they are going to be putting in their kits.

They had a hoot telling me how old I was and how bad kit was (actually, I still think if everything were not "expired" it is still a good kit).

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