Monday, February 21, 2011

No matches.......

This weekend we went camping at the beautiful Camp James Ray on the Texas Oklahoma border.  We had one Varsity Scout, 4 Scouts and one 11 year old Scout and his Dad.  The boys did everything.  We didn't do a thing for them.  They led themselves, they set the program and we followed their lead.  We gave advice when they asked.  It was a great use of the Patrol Method. 

Saturday's lesson was on fire building.  I had purchased some magneseum matches a few months back and whipped those out for the boys to try.  My Assistant Coach helped me show the boys how to use them.  In 18 minutes my AC and I had started two fires but we were unable to get our twigs started for a fire.  The boys mocked us.

So their turn came around and at 20 minutes they had not been able to start a fire.  So I told them they could use one match.  Both teams stared at me.  I asked "Don't you have any matches?"  Not a single boy had brought a match.  I couldn't believe it.  A couple boys told me that their parents don't allow them to have matches.  I couldn't believe it.  What is a Scout without a way to start fire? 

The wind was working against them and they allowed the wind to blow out their matches.  5 minutes later we gave them one more.  In the end we gave them 5 matches and both were able to start a fire and burn a string that we had placed above their fire pits.  They were discouraged at times but in the end gathered their wits about them and were able to start the fire.

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