Sunday, February 13, 2011

Letter to a Possible Eagle Scout

Dear Scout:

The time has come for me to write you a letter about getting your Eagle Scout.  I am in no way nagging you or trying to bother you about it but I want you to know what will happen in the next 30 days if you do not complete your requirements.  Time is close at hand where you will not be able to obtain your Eagle.  I know your whole Scouting career has placed this rank as the highlight of all the hard work you have done.  It has been a hard road.  I know because I have taken the same, often never traveled road.  Brother X knows this hard road too. 

I know I have told you that my Mom earned my Eagle for me.  She was the motivating force behind me earning my Eagle.  I wanted to make her happy and proud of me.  She put the forms in front of me.  She made me fill them out.  She made me fill out my Eagle Project packet by hand three time (this was back before you could type in a PDF) because it wasn’t up to her standards.  Her standards were more rigid than the Boy Scouts.  It was tough.  Very tough but when I was done, I was glad I did it.  I was glad my Mom encouraged me.  In reality, she didn’t pass off any requirements just so I could get my Eagle.  She didn’t make earning my Eagle any easier for me.  She made me earn it because she knew it would make me a better person.  Something that is difficult, like earning your Eagle, is worth it because you find out who you really are, what you are made of and what is important in your life.  I found out who I was by earning my Eagle Scout.  My mission was a time that was difficult too and I learned who I was when I served.  My divorce was also a difficult time in my life and I learned a ton about myself.  I have had tons of trials in my life that have helped me to make who I am. 

At this point in order to have your Eagle Board of Review, you must have your reference letters as well as a copy of your Scouting advancement records (ranks and merit badges cards) to present to your Eagle Board.   If you do not have this record, you need to set an appointment with Brother X sooner rather than later to figure out your advancement records.  You must also fill out your Eagle Scout application which must have Brother Y signature as well as Brother X.  You could accomplish this all in one meeting with Brother X in one afternoon.  The Eagle Board of Review must be schedule and done by March 9th, 2011.  Please realize that members (me being one of them) of the Advancement Board that schedule and conduct your Board are busy people.  They cannot just do an Eagle Board of Review with a few days notice.  Plus we must also have two other adults you know attend this Board.  They can’t just be anyone asked last minute.  So what I am trying to tell you is that your Board of Review takes time.

OK, now for the bad news.  If you do not have your Eagle Board of Review by March 9th, 2011 you will have to write the District a letter asking them to allow you to have your Board of Review.  Brother X will also have to write a letter for you.  In both of these letters you will have to tell the District why you have not had your Eagle Board of Review by your “3 month after your birthday” deadline.  If you do not have a good reason, they can and will tell you that you cannot schedule your Eagle Board of Review and you will be a Life Scout for life.  You will not earn your Eagle.  I am not trying to scare you but I am trying to help you see the consequences of not getting things done and completed by March 9th, 2011.  One final word of warning:  Life never goes the way you plan it (your “Scoutmaster Conference" is a great example) so get things done quickly so if there are problems you will have time to overcome the trials ahead.  Do not get discouraged.

Scout, have you done everything you can to earn your Eagle Scout rank?  Have you put in all the effort an Eagle Scout would to earn the rank of Eagle?  Whether you are an Eagle Scout or not is up to you and no one else.

Your Brother in Scouting,


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